Friday, January 28, 2011

Detective Comics #873

Detective Comics #873 - Comic of the Day
This cover needs more bat shaped imagery
Have you ever been so thirsty in the middle of the night that you pour yourself a great big cup of water and pound it so hard and quickly that after you finish you let out a huge amount of air so as to catch-up on breathing again, and in turn not die? You need water to survive and you are so short on it that you give up another necessity for a period of time to catch-up on water. You sacrifice one need for another and constantly live with the threat of self inflicted death. This is how I live my life. This is how I read comic books.

What the hell am I talking about?

Well, first off I may have been a little drunk when I wrote the opening to this post. When you're drunk all of your comparisons seem very deep and meaningful. It's like being on drugs and dancing. I swear this one time in college I was crypt walking and looking pretty awesome. In reality I was probably just stumbling around.

Secondly, I am trying to compare the above to my feelings towards a week when two personally anticipated comic books come out in the same week: Uncanny X-Force #4 and Detective Comics #873. Both of them are necessity when it comes to comic book entertainment, but unfortunately, thanks to the limitations of my human brain only one can be read first.

As I have mentioned in past posts, it is rarity that I start any week with a DC book, but on Scott Snyder Detective Comics days (so two up to this point) I make an exception. Detective Comics #873 helped me live by wrapping up the first arc by Snyder. Snyder writes Dick out of a tight spot without the normal vulgarity one might expect when writing about Dicks in tight spots. I will say that at the end of Detective Comics #872 (great issue and also a comic of the day post) it seemed as if Dick was not going to make it out of a sure beating due to an airborne toxin, yet when Detective Comics #873 starts up Dick somehow has strength to fight his way out of a deadly mob. Basically, the last issue said there was going to be no way out and in this issue it starts with saying, "Well, it's tough but I can do it. Ain't no thang." Besides that little dampening of the last issues cliffhanger, the comic of the day was another nice addition to Snyder's growing comic credentials.

Not to put Snyder down but I was glad when I finished Detective Comics #873. It meant I could finally let out a huge breath and read Uncanny X-Force #4.

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