Saturday, January 1, 2011

Detective Comics #872

Detective Comics #872 - Comic of the Day
Batman trademarked gas mask
Sometimes it's the subtle moments in comics that do it for me. In Scott Snyder's Detective Comics #872 there is a moment between Lieutenant Bullock and Batman that stands out in the comic of the day (the first of the new year) even if it isn't intended to stand out.

The Lieutenant tells Batman of an underground auction house of the criminal nature, called Mirror House, that has been happening in Gotham City. Bullock goes on to say, "...Seems Mirror House has been open for business in Gotham for a long time." Snyder puts extra emphasis on "long time" implying that Bullock is mocking Batman. It's no secret that Bullock isn't the biggest fan of Batman, so when something criminal has been going on for nearly 20 years under the nose of the great detective Batman, Bullock finds a bit of pleasure in the situation.

Batman, of course, powers through Bullocks subtle jab and goes on to say that Mirror House has been functional in many cities. Batman, almost childishly, goes onto say he has more info on Mirror House and has sent it on to Gordon. Batman has to have the final word when it comes to Bullock so that Bullock is very clear on the fact that in no way is Bullock better than he (Batman) is.

Anyway, great seen Scott. I look forward to part 3.

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