Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man #652

The Amazing Spider-Man #652 - Comic of the Day
Can we get a few more hands on this cover?
What was with that slightly floating jump by John Jameson Jr. at the end of Spider-Man 2? He got all astronaut-walker on earth and I started hoping it was going to lead to a Man-Wolf reference. No such luck in Spider-Man 2 or The Amazing Spider-Man #652.

Spider-Man Sunday - The Amazing Spider-Man #652

I'm not a huge fan of insect on insect action. All of the ant-like fighters in this issue were a little too weird for my Spidey-taste; however, I do enjoy a classic Spider-Man versus Scorpion cliffhanger which the comic of the day gives webheads on the last page. That said...I'm not a fan of the new Scorpion outfit, either. I think it reached it's peak in design in the early 300's of The Amazing Spider-Man when Todd McFarlane was on pencil duty. The suite seemed sleak and powerful, not bulky and robotic-like. I'm happy to see Mac Gargan back as the Scorpion, but without the old McFarlane design it's a little bittersweet.

Going back to the Scorpion reveal in the book...if you happen to pick-up this issue, or if you already have it, check out the second and third to last pages of the main story. The panels by Stefano Caselli are thrilling! They have a presence of intense speed and stress which add to the scene perfectly. Caselli really helps crescendo the comic towards a great issue conclusion.


Budd said...

so what is with the death of spiderman promotion stuff I keep seeing?

Dom said...

The Death of Spider-Man stuff is for the Ultimate Spider-Man book. I love Spidey, but have yet to check out Ultimate Spidey. At this point I am so far behind I just don't want to buy the books to catch-up. Plus, I enjoy the main Marvel universe more, anyway.