Monday, January 24, 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man #318

The Amazing Spider-Man #318 - Comic of the Day
It's not the size of the tail, it's how you use it.
Now this is the Scorpion design I really like.

I mention in the last post for The Amazing Spider-Man #652 that the Scorpion shows up and is sporting his new, and improved (depending on who you ask), scorpion suit. While the new get-up may make him an almost indestructible enemy, I was always in favor of his sleek Todd McFarlane designed greens as seen in this issue, and on this cover, of The Amazing Spider-Man #318. The suit allows for for natural movement and allows Mac Gargan to use his hands at ease. Ever try doing things with your hands while wearing mittens? It's almost impossible.

Plus look at that tail. All you ladies reading this comic of the day post (not you mom) look at that sexy tail and tell me it doesn't do something for you. Yeah, you like it when that tip attacks and spits out...poison.

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Jozeph Dukö said...

The old Amazing Spiderman comics are some of the best that have ever been published. The new scorpion suit is new and improved. Otherwise he's just another guy in a suit with an animal obsession.