Saturday, January 1, 2011

365 Days of Comics 2010 Recap

That was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I wrote a comic book related post for everyday over the course of 2010. The total amount of posts actually added up to over 365 posts because of the monthly recaps. The monthly recaps, by the way, are the best posts to read. If you are going to be on this website only once a month it's best to just check out the most recent monthly recap to look through the best posts of the month. Let's face it...they can't all be infinity gems.

When I started this blog it was with the intent to make myself consistently write. I enjoy writing. I would even say it is my passion. This blog helped make me write even when I wasn't feeling it. Forcing myself to produce something with a deadline actually turned out to be quite enlightening. Some of my best posts occured when I just started writing, not knowing in which direction the post was going. The posts became very organic in that regard.

Being aware of stale patterns became quite easy over the months, as well. The moment I felt like my posts were turning into standard reviews I tried to change up the style of my entry. I would do a bullet point section of my ideas for the characters or talk about something else totally unrelated to the comic which sprung from an image or bit of dialog in the comic of the day.

One particular post which I spent extra time considering was my BKV Ex Machina #15 post. This post had nothing to do with the specific comic but everything to do with the creator Brian K. Vaughan. I listened to, and read and re-read the words of, Naughty by Nature's "OPP" song and replaced the words to tell a story about BKV. I was very pleased with myself after I was able to complete the post and then sing my lyrics to the actual Naughty by Nature song.

The Ex Machina #15 post is also a post that exemplifies what this blog was to me. If you follow the link to that post you may notice that no one commented on it. It was done with and faded away (until the monthly recap). The post didn't have to be read for me to appreciate what I had done. I enjoyed the creative process and felt truly happy with myself after I had completed it. The experience was rewarding. The idea that I was able to create something I was content with made my Friday, July 16th a day to remember and look back at and say, "I took the time to do something I thought was fun and it worked for me." I was proud of myself for seeing a fun idea through to the end. And that sums up what I think I have done with 365 Days of Comics in 2010.

I will continue on in 2011 with hopefully some surprises in posts for my few dedicated readers. I love you mom! (Honestly, she doesn't waste her time with my blog...but I still love her.)


Dan said...

It was fun reading up on comics and was an easy way for me too see if it was worth reading some comics. In fact i know that I did not continue with new avengers after seige b/c of your post and thank you for that. However i did get into a lot of other comics that were a little outside of the mainstream of comics that i would have neer have found b/c of your post.

Sam Smith said...

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