Thursday, December 30, 2010

What If? #200

What If? #200 - Comic of the Day
Thank God the Sentry is dead
In the 200th issue of What If? we look back at what could have been is Osborn's side had won the battle at Asgard during the Siege conflict.

The event takes a change even before the battle actually begins. Two days before the events of Siege unfold Ares gets angry with Osborn and attempts to kill him for his evil and deceptive nature. At that time the Sentry stops Ares from his goal and rips Ares apart at that moment, 2 days before the actual battle. When the battle does take place the Sentry is more in control of himself and not mentally or physically exhausted. He quickly dispatches of Earth's mightiest heroes giving a decisive victory to Osborn. At that point Sentry takes it further by slaying Osborn and declaring that his evil plans are finally fulfilled. Sentry then has no problem destroying the Earth it self while the only ones to witness the events and live on are the Watchers, whom are forbidden to step in no matter what may happen.

But what if a Watcher stepped in and saved a planet from destruction? That was the plot of the second What If? #200 tale written by Stan Lee, in the comic of the day. The Watcher Uatu steps in and kills Galactus before he can devour the Earth. The Watchers from across the universe come and imprison Uatu who admits he broke the laws of the Watchers by interfering and accepts the punishment given to him. The Watchers decide to let Uatu live and do not pass a death sentence. Uatu must live in constant hunger for planetary food while filling the Galactus void he created by becoming the new Galactus.

I liked the Stan Lee What If?, but was not a huge fan of the idea that nothing could stop the Sentry in the comic of the day. It seemed like the idea lacked some creative thinking. Plus, for $5 I expected to see some more action and extended fights. The Thor fight was a panel of the Sentry karate chopping his hand off. Really? That was the fight scene? Thank god for Stan Lee and his more creative follow-up.

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