Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thunderbolts #151

Thunderbolts #151 - Comic of the Day
Another misunderstood bad guy
Boy, did the comic of the day come along and totally change the reader's view (or my view, at least) of Ghost, the current Thunderbolts team member and (until very recently) Iron Man villain.

Thunderbolts #151 is nothing more than a back-story issue. I think Marvel started to realize that Ghost has been very prominent in their universe and is often right in the middle of key Marvel events such as Tony Stark's mind recovery, Norman Osborn's secret opts team of Thunderbolts and just being the general villainous eye in the background watching when characters think they are alone.

The idea of the straight "Ghost's Story" where Ghost narrates the tale of how he came to be "Ghost" seems like a possible poor or even boring choice at first thought. But as I thought about the character after some time had passed (since I read Thunderbolts #151), I realized that fitting in hints or bits of his past may feel even more awkward when dropped into an issue about something else entirely. Of course with that said, I am no great writer. I am sure some of the better writers in the business could make his back-story work outside of a narration, but I just can't see it working.

I would recommend this issue to anyone who ever picked-up a Thunderbolts issue over the past couple of years and thought, "Who the hell is this floating, bondage wearing skinny dude?"

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