Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thor #473

Thor #473 - Comic of the Day
Whoa Thor...you're such a buzz kill
I don't really know anything about the High Evolutionary except that he is a major villain in the Thor and Avengers titles and that contrary to his name's suggestion, he is not high. But what if he was?

In Thor #473, of Thor's first volume of self titled comic books, the High Evolutionary tells of how he created man beasts and super-humans by combining genes of various species. It kind of seems like something a stoner might think of. The comic of the day may have left this scene out.

Conversation between Evolutionary (EV) and helper (H):

EV: I need to create something today...but what? Helper! Where are you? I need your ears for my concerns.

Helper quickly tries to finish his joint created to "help" get through the day in the bathroom as Evolutionary busts through the door.

EV: Helper?! What is that there?

Helper: This? Oh it's...my brain enhancer.

EV: Brain enhancer? I haven't heard of such a thing...

Helper: That's because your greatness does not need it. A weak minded fool like me needs it to keep up with your intelligence.

EV: Interesting...Helper! Give me your brain enhancing herb...I am going to...experiment.

30 minutes later

EV: So there's like these animals that are also humans and they talk and fight, and wear clothes, and...umm, Helper...did you order that pizza yet?

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