Friday, December 24, 2010

Superior #3

Superior #3 - Comic of the Day
Good, maybe, but Superior?
I have to hand it to Mark Millar and Leinil Yu. Not ever comic book can have me anticipating the next issue simply by having a last page which includes a monkey dressed as an astronaut with an evil shark-tooth smile.

What's that monkey smiling about? Why does he have teeth that are so sharp, and were they always like the first issue that is. The comic of the day raises several questions, but all of the monkey related. I'm not saying I'm into monkeys or anything, but the rest of Superior #3 is pretty standard. Truthfully, without the monkey business at the end of the issue I probably would not have considered picking up the next issue.

Oh, and captions on the cover of Mark Millar comics, let me be the judge when it comes to the issue rocking or if it is bad-ass. How about the issue just presents itself and the comic bloggers and critics will add the captions.

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