Monday, December 27, 2010

Secret Avengers #8

Secret Avengers #8 - Comic of the Day
John Steele is gonna get his
One of my favorite conversations in a comic book this year comes at the very end of the year, in Ed Brubaker's Secret Avengers #8. The conversation between Max Fury and John Steele about Steve Rogers sends anticipation shivers up or down my spine...which ever way they are supposed to go.

The conversation in the comic of the day is very brief but it basically consists of Max Fury stating that Steve Rogers is going to be extremely difficult to beat if it comes to a fight or some type of battle. John Steele tells Max that he has fought "in the war" with Rogers before and knows what Rogers is capable of. Steele claims to also be an experienced fighter and tactician and tells Max Fury, "...Rogers doesn't worry me. I can take him if it comes to that."

The foreshadowing of a fight between 2 old school fighters who have some type of history leaves me hoping Secret Avengers #9 ships sooner than it is scheduled to. My prediction is that Steve puts the beat down on Steele and tells him there's a reason everyone in the world still knows the name Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America and not John Steele.

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