Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nemesis #4

Nemesis #4 - Comic of the Day
Ties and capes are the real victims
Nemesis #4 had a very odd moment in it. The comic of the day had one of those scenes in which you know what is going to happen, but you expect to be wrong because it seems too simple of an idea or too familiar to something else you have seen before.

Spoiler Alert!

There is a scene in Nemesis #4 when Nemesis has the hero's wife and the President of the United States strapped with explosives. Nemesis gives the hero, Blake, a remote and tells him that he has to choose which one lives and which one dies. Blake has to blow-up one of the two. At this point I expected the President to sacrifice himself and jump towards Nemesis while Blake hits the button and causes the President, and Nemesis by proximity, to explode. As the scene played out as I had anticipated it would, I started to wonder why it was so easy.

Throughout the series Nemesis is always 2 steps ahead of the good guys. Nemesis always knows what the hero and government will do, so then why did he not predict the situation which played out? I started thinking that maybe it would have been better if the buttons to detonate the explosive-bound victims were reversed. While standing right next to his wife, Blake blows himself up (along with his wife) while the President awkwardly stumbles into Nemesis. Nemesis could then knock the President off of him and say, "Often times the right button...isn't the right button." Nemesis then guns down the President.

Note: If you check the issue again you'll notice the button labeled to blow-up Blake's "Family"/wife (and in my scenario, the President) was on the left.

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Anonymous said...

I would have liked to have seen Nemesis switch the names on each remote.

Blake would have chosen to blow up the president but instead blows up his wife.