Saturday, December 11, 2010

John Romita Jr. Spider-Man Poster

John Romita Jr. Spider-Man Poster - Comic of the Day
Spider-Man vs. Bad Guy: Rounds 1 through 87
It's Poster Week!

Yep, it's that week where Dom doesn't want to type very much or read through some shitty comic book. The whole week the comic of the day posts will be some of my favorite comic book related posters...not the posters I keep on the inside of my closet doors of cranberry sauce not shaped like the can it comes in.

John Romita Jr. Spider-Man Poster

I love this poster. Closing out poster week is the one current poster (which is actually in print form) that hangs in my room, in a frame. John Romita Jr. shines, as does Spider-Man, in Romita's depiction of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man battling it out with many of his most deadly, infamous and popular villains. The piece is composed of three main colors: red, blue and green. It's funny, not until you see all of Spidey's villains together do you notice that a lot of his enemies love to incorporate the color green into their outfits.

Like the villain color scheme, I notice something new every time I look at Romita Jr.'s poster. It is both elaborate and simplistic. Lots of fights. Lots of one on ones. Lots of fun.


Anonymous said...

Hey dude, where can i found this poster in HD?

Dom said...

I don't know. I can't remember where I grabbed the screen shot from either. Sorry.