Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Frank Miller Daredevil Poster

Frank Miller Daredevil Poster - Comic of the Day
Daredevil makes his own confetti
It's Poster Week!

Yep, it's that week where Dom doesn't want to type very much or read through some shitty comic book. The whole week the comic of the day posts will be some of my favorite comic book related posters...not the posters I keep on the inside of my closet doors of all of my readers reading this post...so one poster of my mom. Hi mom! That was just a joke. But seriously, don't look in my closet.

Frank Miller Daredevil Poster

This Frank Miller Daredevil poster is a great change of pace when it comes to Miller's stylistic rendering of comic book characters compared to other artists' style on my posters. The yellow and red burst off the black background in a dramatic way making this poster a must for any Daredevil fan...or fan of the colors yellow and red.

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