Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5

The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5 - Comic of the Day
It looks like they forgot to draw the parents
This is another comic of the day I purchased through ebay. It was not in the best condition, however, it is old and important in the Spider-Man mythology. Any Amazing Spider-Man issue from the 60's is an old title in my book (titled: Dom's Book of Random Things That Just Are).

Spider-Man Sunday - The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5

The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5 is the first Amazing Spider-Man comic which tackles Peter Parker's parent situation. I haven't cracked this issue open yet for fear I may damage it, but on every comic book price guide The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5 is noted as the first appearance of Peter's parents, thus, I got it for it's importance in the life of Spider-Man and Peter Parker not for the sheer joy of reading it.

I do not generally buy older books and never read them because that just would not make sense for the quality of old books I buy. I like to just own old books thus the condition isn't very important to me. Opening the book up will not bust up my older books anymore than they already are...usually. I do happen to own a few older books that are in nice condition that I may not ever crack open, but that case is rare.

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