Friday, December 17, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man #650

The Amazing Spider-Man #650 - Comic of the Day
Spider-Man Tron tie-in
I think that it is fairly obvious that Disney has begun to use it's Marvel tool as a source of hidden advertising. By hidden I mean to say advertising that is isn't necessarily spelled-out for the comic book reader, or viewer, but advertising meant to recall imagery or make a link to another form of advertising which clearly states what the product is. In the case of The Amazing Spider-Man #650, the product Marvel is trying to push is the release of their new movie Tron: Legacy.

Before I go further with the comic of the day I must say that I did enjoy Tron: Legacy. I liked the first one and I think some of the enjoyment for me was simply that a follow-up was made. The visuals were excellent, though some may get numb to them after about hours worth of film simply because the color schemes and lighting does not change much. At times it is like you are sitting in a white florescent light room without blinking for an extended period of time (that part is actually in the movie). While the visuals were great, the original music by Daft Punk was definitely the highlight of the film. Daft Punk created music which carried Tron: Legacy in the way that Hans Zimmer's score carried Inception. The music set the mood and intensified the action sequences in every scene. I hope Daft Punk gets an Oscar nod for their fine work on the film.

Back to The Amazing Spider-Man Tron: Legacy, I liked it. The connection to Tron: Legacy is that Spider-Man creates a new stealth suit for himself that has a very Tron look to it (glowing lines down his arms and legs). Speaking of suits in The Amazing Spider-Man #650, the Black Cat is drawn as sexy as ever. In one scene she isn't even wearing her suit (in the bath tub) and in the scenes she is wearing her suit...well, she might as well not have. Though in my head most women in comics are naked. Hello, Aunt May!


Budd said...

How exactly is it a stealth suit if it glows? Please feel free to add pictures of black cat.
What would happen if Aunt May had a baby with Alfred Pennyworth?

Dom said...

The light reflects other light around it. Like a mirror facing another mirror of equal size...if the mirror could see directly straight ahead would it ever see anything? Ok yea, the suit is crazy sci fi.