Friday, December 10, 2010

Alex Ross Marvel Poster

Alex Ross Marvel Poster - Comic of the Day
Alex Ross Marvel Poster
It's Poster Week!

Yep, it's that week where Dom doesn't want to type very much or read through some shitty comic book. The whole week the comic of the day posts will be some of my favorite comic book related posters...not the posters I keep on the inside of my closet doors of tall giraffes peeing on short giraffes.

Alex Ross Marvel Poster

The second Alex Ross installment during Poster Week is one of his mash-up pieces which has many Marvel characters on one piece. There are a few thing I really enjoy about this piece.
  • The Things rocky mouth. It just looks so stone-like.
  • The texture on the bottom of Daredevil's boots.
  • The bending of fabric on the bottom of Spider-Man's feet.
  • The attention to detail when creating Captain America's chain mailish to part to his uniform.
  • Cyclops' piercing beam.
  • Doom looking over everyone.
I did find it telling how Ross puts the women in this poster. The two X-women are stuck to the far right practically blending in with Wolverine, and the Invisible Woman is up front but...well, she's invisible. To be fair the women characters do not stand out in Marvel the way Wonder Woman does in DC, so I guess I can cut Ross some slack and just say thank you for the otherwise amazing artwork.

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