Saturday, December 18, 2010

75 Years of DC Comics

75 Years of DC Comics - Comic of the Day
The cover is to scale. This book is huge!
75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking is an absolutely giant mass of book. I received the 20 plus pound book (literally feels that heavy) from my now good friend Kevin Wallace for a combination birthday and Christmas day gift. I, of course, deserved the gift, but I was left wondering how long should I own this monster before selling it on ebay? It is like the age old question: How long do I have to hold onto a card before I can trash it? At $200 brand new, I may need to sell this item before the massive paperback version comes out and buyers can get it cheaper (that was a joke...there is no way a paperback version of this book comes out).

On the slim chance I keep this complete redwood packed into one book heap, I will have to find a place to store the comic of the day. I can't fit the over-sized beast on my book shelf for the facts that it couldn't hold the weight and the shelves are not far enough apart or deep enough to hold the mutant sized book. I was thinking I could just let it rest in its handled case next to my book shelf or next to my comic boxes in my room, but then I concocted an amazing plan which will sound awesome and not practical in the following paragraph.

I buy a podium to have in the corner of my apartment with the book permanently placed on it. Once a day I get behind the podium declare to my stuff-animal army that the following is the word of the comic lord, followed by a reading of a random page. Maybe page 1,376...if it's a Tuesday. Page 1,376 is definitely a Tuesday'll see.

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