Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wonder Woman #77

Wonder Woman #77 - Comic of the DayThe only thing that goes on inside of Wonder Woman #77 is that she talks to different people and holds onto her glow-rope so tight that her hands bleed...all while being sexy. Sexy for a cartoon, or comic drawing, whatever. Boobs.

Anyway, the key to this comic as any fine comic book collector and Wonder Woman historian can tell you is the mighty cover on which Wonder Woman is trying desperately to fend off an attack by giant ants. Yes, comic book graders in their top hats and monocles (most comic book graders are Mr. Peanut) will tell you that the emphasis on the glowing kick to the attacking ant adds a uniqueness to this comic of the day that may never again be seen on a comic cover...if we are lucky. In all seriousness, if a collector has sent their Wonder Woman #77 in for grading the graders should simply send back a letter that reads:

"Dear Sir,

This comic book is the reason I've murdered my wife.

- Anonymous CGC Single Guy"

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