Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Weapon X TPB

Weapon X - Comic of the Day
Have you tried fighting a naked guy?
A comic shop is a specific space, thus, the amount of comics a comic shop can hold is always limited. Often times when a comic book shop is looking to bring in new inventory they will have a sale to push some of their older books which have either yet to sell or they simply over stocked. I recently took advantage of an overstocking issue and picked-up the classic Barry Windor-Smith tpb, Weapon X.

Wolverine Wednesdays - Weapon X TPB

Windsor-Smith wrote and drew Weapon X, a 12 issue arc occupying half an issue in 12 sequential Marvel Comics Presents comic books. The story covers the then unknown time in Wolverine's life when he was physically and mentally abused for the purpose of lining his bones with the unbreakable metal adamantium, and thus, creating an unstoppable super-soldier.

I own a few of the individual issues, and like most comic book collectors know the basic story of Wolverine, yet I had never actually read the story, Weapon X, which gives some insight into why Wolverine is so animal-like at times, how exactly his bones were lined with adamantium, and why this traumatic event stuck with him for so long. At 50% cover price, the Weapon X tpb seemed like a very good purchase for comic-history sake.

Besides the importance this story has in Marvel comics culture, the comic of the day is just a good book. Weapon X is heavy on text, but also includes some iconic imagery. The text is mostly conversations between doctors and staff working on turning Logan into their controlled soldier. The conversations are often laid on top of panels of Wolverine and his current situations. The book feels like a conversation is narrating the transformation.

As the book picks up so does the intensity of the situation. At one point when Logan seemingly gets loose and is on a rampage, the intensity of the situation is felt and makes for quick reading to see the brutal and bloody results.

The thing I like most about the Weapon X tpb is that even though I know what happens...I don't know what happens. The way things unfold and the journey through a physical and mental hell which Logan takes is what makes the story great, not the outcome. After reading Weapon X, I can see why every Marvel comic book after included Wolverine and still does.

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Budd said...

I should probably read this but I have already seen the origins movie. So, I don't need to, right? I mean that movie was so awesome.

Darn it, I need to read this.