Friday, November 19, 2010

Ultimate Thor #2

Ultimate Thor #2 - Comic of the Day
You may need to cut the stem first...
Dexter Vines' image framing is strong again in the second Ultimate Thor installment. I find it fitting that his mark can be found both in name by letters and name by object...thorny Loki winding object. Like his inks, the rose vines surround the cover's focal point and add to the point of the issue.

Besides the art, Ultimate Thor #2 does in fact have a story. Yeah, I totally read it, too! The thing about reading Ultimate Universe comics that one must understand is that the stories are similar to the regular Marvel adventures, yet tweaked. I am finding this a little bit problematic when it comes to my understanding of Loki. I guess I don't really know Loki's true origin. This troubles me because since I am unsure of how Ultimate Thor has tweaked Loki's origin, I will now have to spend a good 10 minutes reading about his actual origin on the Marvel Wiki.

10 minutes are quite valuable to me these days. Things that I could be doing with 10 minutes are:
  • skimming a comic of the day for ideas of what to write about
  • driving to the gym
  • riding the stationary bike at the gym
  • driving home from the gym
  • showering after the gym
  • writing down a story of how I was at the gym for hours
  • watching a segment of a recorded TV show which I recorded on my DVR
  • thinking of more clever things that I could have written in this section
Anyway, Wiki ahoy!

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