Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thunderbolts #150

Thunderbolts #150 - Comic of the Day
Thunderbolts #150 - The cover says it all.
Greg Land and Frank Martin created an absolutely thrilling comic book cover for the Thunderbolts #150th issue extravaganza. By extravaganza I, of course, mean a $3.99 book with extras that no one really cares about for another dollar: a picture-book Thunderbolts' history narration by Moonstone and Songbird (I skimmed it), and a reprint of Thunderbolts #1 from 1997 (I skipped to the last

Getting back to Land and Martin's steals the show of the whole book. That's saying something, too. The comic of the day has some intense battle scenes between Steve Rogers and Crossbones, and Juggernaut and Thor, Luke Cage and Iron Man. Roger's and Crossbones throw-down is especially interesting because Crossbones really does a number on Rogers. By the end of the fight Steve predictably wins but he is left looking like Antonio Margarito after Manny Paquiao was finished with him. Those are 2 boxers for all of you non-sport nerds.

Did I mention Land and Martin's cover? The characters both pop off the page and engage each other in an action packed freeze frame that sets the tone for Thunderbolts #150. The cover actually allows Kev Walker's interior art to thrive because Walker's panel work gives readers an exciting payoff. That which we see on the cover comes alive in the pages of Thunderbolts #150. Though the story is fine in issue #150, the art on the outside and inside of Thunderbolts #150 is what sets this comic book apart from many spectacle issues where pages are added just because the title has reached some number, like 150.

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