Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Star Wars #8

Star Wars #8 - Comic of the DayWhen I was growing up a comic book fan I always wished that someone would make a movie based on a comic book I liked. It's funny that with Star Wars, people liked the movie so much that they wanted Star Wars comic books. Well, I think mainly people just wanted Star Wars anything after the movie came out.

Star Wars #8 is a comic book I borrowed from the Comic Bug, my local comic shop. The comic of the day starts with Han Solo in a bar fight waiting for his furry pal Jesus. When Chewie shows up he clears house and Han is able to move onto business. Business in Star Wars #8 involves agreeing to help a space farmer protect his land. Han decides to hold an American Idol style audition to put together a band of protectors looking for a job.

Han chooses the following crew:
  • A karate fighting large rabbit creature named Jaxxon.
  • Don-Wan Kihotay - A Don Quixote like character who thinks he is a great Jedi warrior.
  • Hedji - A caped hedgehog like fella who can shoot quills from his body.
  • Amaiza - Some sort of punk rock gang leader.
  • A Tractor-robot...standard.
  • Jim - The self proclaimed "Starkiller" kid.
  • Chewbacca...of course.
Oh, and Han is such a gangsta he chooses the team while shirtless. He's Han Solo. He may carry a blaster, but you should really look out for his guns.

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Budd said...

this is so bad, it might be good.