Monday, November 29, 2010

Shadowland #5

Shadowland #5 - Comic of the Day
"I'm Ghost Rider! Prepare to beat me up!"
Speaking of Shadowland and Ghost Rider's appearance...

I was not reading the side titles that went along with Shadowland, so I wasn't exactly clear on the Ghost Rider connection (I get that he often fights demons and that Daredevil was possessed by a demon), but for dominating the comic of the day, Ghost Rider's role is a bit small in Shadowland #5. That and he get's punked. He get's literally extinguished and hung out to ...wet? (Is that the opposite of "hung out to dry", and is that correct seeing as he was just very hot and dry? know, skull burning head and all.)

I want to see the story after Ghost rider comes to. He wakes, flames on, looks around and sees the Punisher just shaking his head in shame at him.

"What happened Frank?" Ghost Rider asks in a crackly demonic like voice. Much like an angry Kathy Bates.

"Well", Frank goes on to explain, "a guy and girl ninja took him down...a couple of...human. Look, before you say anything or start to steam up (what happens when Gost Rider cries), consider this... I've got nothing. What happened last night?! You got seriously owned."

"I...I, don't want to talk about it! Where's my bike? I...I, have Yeah!"

"Sure flames. Bikes in the corner. Can't miss it. It's the one with training wheels and handle-bar decorations."

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