Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scarlet #3

Scarlet #3 - Comic of the DayIt's funny what a couple of months can do.

Scanning the new comic book wall I noticed that Scarlet #3 hit stores this week. The comic of the day comes out about 2 months after the second entertaining issue in the series written by Brian Michael Bendis. With the help of Alex Maleeve on art duty the book retains a gritty feel, yet loses something I cannot quite describe. I'm not sure if Scarlet #3 was just flat or a weird transition point in the story, but issue just did not jump out at me. A few scenes at the end of the issue are quite dramatic and even a little bit shocking, but I think my individual comic book mood is lost on this book.

Scarlet seems to be exploring what change an ordinary person can have on an establishment (in this case the police) if they are able to sacrifice their own morality. The idea that killing is wrong no matter what is taken off the table in Scarlet. This isn't a new testament kind of story. This is an eye for an eye kind of old testament tale. Scarlet doesn't have the hang-ups that Spider-Man or Superman may have, but she is also living in a real world where superheroes only exist in comic books and on underwear.

I think Scarlet #3 was probably good this month, but just not what I was looking for in a book this week.

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Budd said...

I like the concept. I hope they deal with the effect that the decisions she has to make have on her.