Saturday, November 20, 2010


Punisher/Batman - Comic of the Day
I love your tight gloves and dreamy eyes.
The thing I enjoy most about Punisher/Batman is the nice thick pages. I am going to credit the letterer of this comic of the day, Richard Starkings, for the thick pages because they remind me of his Elephantmen trade paper backs which are filled with warp-free tough sturdy pages. Cheers old friend!

The one-shot adventure itself is quite enjoyable, too. Punisher/Batman pits the Punisher, Frank Castle, versus Jigsaw, the Joker and Batman. Punisher finds his way to Gotham, a city he hates, in search for Jigsaw, but when he finally comes across Jigsaw, Frank ends up chasing down the Joker. This is where things get good. Frank is about to shoot Joker in the face and end what Batman never could when all of a sudden Batman jumps into the mix and saves the Joker.

When the Joker was staring down the barrel of Frank's gun he is genuinely afraid for his life. He knows that Frank does not have the same sense of honor that Batman has. As primarily a Marvel reader, I love this scene. The Joker fears no one, but for one moment in time, he feared the Punisher. Oh and don't worry DC fans you got your moment a few pages later.

The Punisher clocks Batman with a huge fist to the face, but Batman just let's Frank have his frustration shot telling Frank, "You get one." Frank then tries hitting Bats again, Batman catches his fist, says, "I said one" and throws the Punisher through some alley crates (never store crates in an alley in Gotham...they always get smashed on). Batman then tells Frank to never come back to Gotham and Frank gladly abides.

The comic reads quick and is pretty fun. I actually enjoy John Romita Jr.'s art on this book compared to his more recent titles, the Avengers and the Doomwar mini series. A friend once told me JR Jr. works better on solo hero books and I'm starting to see that may be true. His run on Daredevil was amazing and this Punisher/Batman fun-shot was quite pleasant, as well.

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