Friday, November 12, 2010

The New Avengers #6

The New Avengers #6 - Comic of the Day
Hmm, a magic arc. I wonder who dies?
The issue 6 has proven to be very treacherous for Marvel characters this week. The New Avengers #6 makes it very clear that one of the Avengers, on the cover of the comic of the day, will die. Bummer.

The magic flies as the combined hand-held presence of the New Avengers empower Wolverine to do battle for the existence of their realm. It is very similar to The Thanos Imperative where Marvel's abstracts and elite fighters such as Gladiator, the Silver Surfer and Nova are fighting for the existence of the universe. Everything is so dramatic this week. End of the universe...end of all existence... No one just tries to steal money, anymore. Thanos would be a sick bank robber.

Thanos Bank Job

Thanos, a large purple alien looking guy in a trench coat and a bag walks up to the teller, a young blond peppy women.

Teller: Hello! How may I help you?

Thanos slips a note to her. The teller picks up the note which reads:
This is a bank robbery.
Empty what ever you have in your money tray slowly. 
I also want one of those toasters for opening a new account. But I am not going to open a new account. I'm a titan. I'm evil. Put the toaster and money in the bag and no one get's hurt.

Teller: You sly purple bastard...

Too much Thanos talk for the New Avengers #6 post? Probably. The issue was fun due to the amount of action, but in the end I don't think I cared very much. The New Avengers will still roll on, and honestly, I don't know if they will even mention the death after maybe one issue. The comic felt a bit like Bendis was just trying to wrap up the arc so he can move onto a new arc which he, and we, may find more exciting.

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