Monday, November 8, 2010

Marvel November Sneak Peeks

Marvel November Sneak Peeks - Comic of the DayI got this free comic of the day from the Comic Bug, my local comic book shop, in Manhattan Beach, California. I like these free preview books that introduce readers to new titles because they gave me a quick something to read when I go to the bathroom and I know it's going to be a quick one. You know the ones: not the Long Halloween type trip, but rather the Short Halloween one-shot trip.

The Marvel November Sneak Peeks comic features The Amazing Spider-Man, which I already regularly pick-up, and one other title I may take a chance on. Captain America #1: Man Out of Time apparently came out a week ago or so, but I am just now discovering it in this free preview book. It's written by Mark Waid, an experienced pro, and it has pencils by Jorge Molina which some of my readers may remember I predicted would be up to bigger things after he completed the World War Hulks: Spider-Man Vs. Thor know the modern day classic. The adventure has a couple of creators I enjoy and includes characters that I follow in other titles: Bucky and Steve Rogers.

The Marvel November Sneak Peeks doesn't give away much about the Cap book, but from the four pages I have seen I'm willing to give Marvel another $3 to see what the new mini series is all about...or at least partially about. We'll see how much the first issue actually reveals.

(Note: The cover of Marvel November Sneak Peeks is the same as the Iron Man and Thor comic book which is also coming out this month.)

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