Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let Me In #1 (of 4)

Let Me In #1 - Comic of the Day
Vampires are so polite.
Let Me In #1 comes on the heals of the same name, Let Me In. Let Me In, the movie, is a remake of the foriegn film, Let the Right One In. The story is basically a new take on a vampire tale: One of those change the way you view vampires, why they exist, how they exist and how they interact with the ever changing world around them while they live forever vampire retelling.

I wanted to have the comic of the day as a brief post to just mention to readers, who may have seen one of the movie variations, to check out this Dark Horse mini series if they wanted maybe a little back history of the traveling man and his vampire's more recent adventures. Let Me In, the comic series, follows the recent movie remake when it comes to specific characterization, but I think any fan of either version may want to check out this new movie inspired comic book tale.

One question (or series of questions) when it comes to Let Me In...do vampires know you happen to reside in a place or own it? Do they have to ask to come into any building? What if it is an abandoned barn and you just so happened to run into it? If it's a random structure do they have to ask for identification or papers indicating it is the residence of another? Also, why don't they just run into places quickly and then drag out their victims with their superior strength and quickness? Oh, and if they are in a structure can they then go into any room? For example, do they have to ask to come into your bedroom if they are in your living room?

"The bathroom is occupied vampire girl! You can't come in!"

"But I really have to go! Let me in"

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Budd said...

I can't believe they made her look like hit girl and not the girl in the swedish version. The book was really good, I reviewed it on my site.