Sunday, November 28, 2010

Heroes For Hire #1 (Vol. 3)

Heroes For Hire #1 - Comic of the Day
Unknown Heroes For Hire
Why did I buy Heroes For Hire #1? I got suckered in by a cover with a bunch of cool characters I knew would most likely not play a large role in the introductory issue. My head said don't. My gut said I'm hungry...and also don't. But my eyes said give it a try big guy.

Stupid eyes!

First of all, half of the characters on the cover do not even appear in the comic of the day. The comic book starts out as mostly a Captain America issue minus Captain America. Falcon and Black Widow take up much of the issue followed by an appearance by Moon Knight (which I do like), and the issue wraps up with a lame villain. Ghost Rider and the Punisher don't even play into Heroes For Hire #1. They are not even mentioned.

"Oh, hey Falcon. Did you hear Frank Castle and Ghost Rider were involved in that Shadowland scrap? I wonder if we'll be seeing them soon?" Followed by a wink to the reader.

The second problem I have with this book is the title and the idea of the title. Marvel, let it go. Heroes For Hire just isn't going to catch on. The characters are always C-level characters and nothing that happens in any volume of recent Heroes For Hire comic books matters. Readers are left thinking, "yeah, what?"

Marvel, let it go. I know I will.

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