Monday, November 15, 2010

Ex Machina #17

Ex Machina #17 - Comic of the Day
Ex Machina is my voice of political reason
I had been craving myself some Ex Machina. Slowly, the Brian K. Vaughan story of the engineer who acquires the ability to talk to machines and electronics, and then becomes mayor of New York City, finds it's way to me in trade paper back form.

Ex Machina #17 is the first issue in the trade, "March to War." The comic of the day starts off with Mayor Hundred defending his reasoning for allowing a protest march, towards the United Nations building, against the coming Iraq war. Mayor Mitchell Hundred says exactly what I am thinking when he is asked to stop the march due to potential terrorist attacks on the march. The Mayor says, "I realize these are dangerous times, but that doesn't give us magical justification to deny people their first amendment rights."

Brian K. Vaughan's dialog describes the dissenting view point many people shared against President George W. Bush. During the time after the terrorist attacks on 9/11, the United States government began to give themselves the ability to do many unethical things such as wire tapping and detaining people without trials that the government deemed threats. The government gave themselves "magical justification."

It's always nice to pick up a comic that thinks the way you do. Thanks BKV.

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