Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Batman #500

Batman #500 - Comic of the Day
Batman #500 includes a huge cape.
Often times in movies when a great battle takes place between two characters the winner will stop just short of killing the loser. The loser will look up at their conqueror and say, "Do it...kill me." With a confident face the victor then pulls back and says, "No. You will suffer far worse living with the knowledge that you had been defeated."


Both the slang used when someone has just laid down a surprisingly true statement (among other Urban Dictionary descriptions) and the sound made when Bane broke Batman's back. Bane defeated Batman. Bruce Wayne (you should know who) was reduced to a helpless man in a wheel chair. Never having suffered a personal defeat to his person in such a way before, Bruce was left to suffer the fate of so many he sought to protect.

But while Bruce had been defeated he could not let the city know that the Dark Knight had been reduced to nothing. The Batman had to continue on, so that Gotham would not fall into darkness. Bruce choose a successor to wear the cowl while he was in recovery. Azrael, a.k.a Jean-Paul Valley, steps in to replace Batman. He is much more violent than Bruce and it shows with his defeat of Bane in Batman #500.

In the beginning of the post I mentioned the victor not killing and allowing the defeated to live with his loss. Just as Bane took down Bruce, so to did Jean-Paul take down Bane in the comic of the day. Though Jean-Paul was more violent than Bruce and would later allow a criminal to die, in Batman #500, Jean-Paul allows Bane to live...with his defeat.

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