Tuesday, November 16, 2010

American Vampire #8

American Vampire #8 - Comic of the Day
Badge showing rule #8 -  Pinkies Out!
Scott Snyder is getting his bat man (read the comic, the lowercase and space will make sense) on early this month in his Vertigo vampire thriller, American Vampire #8.

Snyder, the next writer of DC's Detective Comics, moves readers along in his second American Vampire story arc by letting followers in on the why questions. Why are there vampires in Las Vegas? Why are the vampires killing who they are killing? And most importantly, why did DC hire Snider on to handle a bat related character?

After reading the comic of the day (which was the last one at the shop) I am remembering that vampires have always been tied to bats. The first seven issues of American Vampire try to keep the story grounded in partial fictions rather than going all the way with the vampire lore. One doesn't even think back to the cartoon vampires that magically change into bats. But then comes American Vampire #8 which literally gets straight batty. Now all I can think about are vampires turning into bats, or bat men.

American Vampire #8 is a great example of how this comic book title can appeal to a wide variety of readers. Not only does it appeal to the average gent looking for a new take on a classic subject (the vampires, of course...follow along), the American Vampire story also appeals to women who read comics due to the strong female roles. Though it is true that there are strong female characters in American Vampire #8, I truthfully have no idea if this book appeals to women seeing as I am not one. The cute gal who took my money at House of Secrets did stop and look at it for an extra second before she rung it up though. Maybe she was thinking of fond memories (just learned this was "fond" not "found" thanks to Google's suggestions) when she looked at American Vampire #8's cover, or maybe she was looking for the price which is extremely hard to find and see on the cover (that's how they get you). Either way...she wanted me.

(Note: American Vampire #8 literally has Book ends.)

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