Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Walking Dead #78

The Walking Dead #78 - Comic of the DayThe Walking Dead is a comic book series I know is good, yet have never read (don't read my week one, 5th post). It is consistently rated highly on comic book review sites, some of my friends like it, my girlfriend even has the first several hardcovers, but for whatever reason I just have yet to pick up an issue. And now, with the new The Walking Dead AMC television series I will probably Harry Potter it and never read the actual original material. Watching the well done moving and audible version (plus it has color) will be enough for me.

Now just because I am not going to read the comic book doesn't mean I wasn't happy to receive The Walking Dead #78 at the Long Beach Comic Con today (because today is the technical day I received this comic of the day...according to the date on this post, of course). The issue is a special variant cover issue which displays a bunch of zombies from the television show behind a chain link fence. There is also a little LBCC icon which let's you know it is a convention exclusive.

The use of the actual television zombies is a great way to promote the show. Though the show starts with just 6 episodes, with the advertising efforts and already large comic book fan base of the highly acclaimed title The Walking Dead is sure to be a successful series for AMC.

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Budd said...

like the show, but I have not read the comic either. May pick it up once the show has run its course.