Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spider-Man Special Edition: The Trial of Venom #1

Spider-Man Special Edition: The Trial of Venom #1 - Comic of the DayThere are a few things I just won't do to my comic books. One comic cardinal sin, and thing I just won't do, is cut apart a comic book.

Spider-Man Sunday - Spider-Man Special Edition: The Trial of Venom #1

For many years comic books included ads that were meant to be cut out as coupons or mail away proof of purchase to help obtain some product. Comic books were not thought of as being objects that held value, other than personal value, and so children were encouraged to cut up their comic books and buy sea monkeys, army gear and all kinds of wacky items. Once the idea that comic books could be valuable collectibles really started to resonate with the publishing companies, they started to cut back on the amount of coupons or subscription cut-outs appeared in comic books. You may have noticed that comic books in the 2000's have very few cut-out options, but that doesn't mean there are not any. I did recently see a cut-out option for some Marvel character-clad boots. Very fashionable.

In the 90's Marvel ran a cut-out promotion for Spider-Man Special Edition: The Trial of Venom #1. It was a one-shot (yet still numbered) featuring Venom, one of Marvel's more popular characters at the time. I remember seeing the option in many Marvel comics at the time, but couldn't bring myself to the idea of ruining one book to obtain another. I never took advantage of the promotion. I refused to harm my comic books and I always will.

With that said...

Years later I ended up purchasing the comic of the day through Yahoo Auctions. Big shout-out to Yahoo Auctions for allowing me to keep my books unharmed and still allowing me to get my hands on a comic book I've wanted for years. Woop!

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Budd said...

What about your issue of Spawn #4, sir.

Mine has coupon intact.