Friday, October 1, 2010

Secret Warriors #20

Secret Warriors #20 - Comic of the DayI just can't trust what is going on in Secret Warriors #20. Anytime I read a comic book with Nick Fury I am unsure if he actually knows what is being sprung on him, or if he knows traps are coming and purposely walks into battles knowing what the ends will be. I have to believe Fury knows what he's doing. He's been around the block. He wears an eye-patch and he rolls with a group of kids...ok, that last part is weird when you say it out loud.

The quality of Secret Warriors is still high on into it's 20th issue. Jonathan Hickman writes a story that seems to thrive on dialog where the reader wonders if they are getting the whole story. As I mentioned above, Nick Fury is hard to read. Everything he says is calculated. Hickman really sets up every issue to be an issue that leaves you anticipating the next. Will the next issue be the issue where Fury admits he knew everything all along, or will it be the issue where Fury's long plans finally come to fruition.

The comic of the day did leave me a bit bummed. Hickman may do an always impressive job, but his artistic partner on Secret Warriors #20, Mirko Colak, does not present strong visuals. The popular pencils on Secret Warriors came from Stefano Caselli many issues ago. Since then the art has been fair, but never impressive. I would like Secret Warriors to get a regular artist so that I can regularly be completely satisfied with this title.

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