Friday, October 22, 2010

Scanimation Star Wars Book

The Scanimation Star Wars book is not exactly a comic book, but it is highly comic book related. There are words and pictures! Yes, it is very much like any other comic book except for one major difference...the pictures move!

Rufus Butler Seder creates a book known as a Scanimation book which displays several images in one location which change as the book reader turns the page. The image appears to move. A good way of thinking about it is like looking at a flip book with only one page flipping. Check out the Star Wars adventure from Episode 1 to Episode 6 in the video below.


Budd said...

Are you following me, because I totally saw this book yesterday and was blown away by it.

Dom said...

Haha. I got it several months ago at Borders and looked at it again last night.

And yes, I am following you.