Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Origin of the Species Poster

Origin of the Species Poster - Comic of the Day
Recently I was able to get a hold of the Marko Djurdjevic "Origin of the Species" Spider-Man poster. It's 9 feet 9 inches long and a little over 2 feet tall. A poster this size is cannot be made of just regular paper; rather, the poster is made of a plastic-like material so that it can hang firm and not rip due to it's own weight. The poster is big and strong...strong like the art on it.

The poster is filled with characters of the Spider-Man universe. The highlights for me include Venom, Anti-Venom, Lizard, Morbius, Mr. Negative and Spider-Man himself. To be honest, I find that the poster is left-side heavy when it comes to the best of Marko Djurdjevic's art.

I also ordered the Avengers Marko Djurdjevic poster, so you may see that comic of the day post, that isn't actually a comic post, in the near future.

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