Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The New Avengers #5

The New Avengers #5 - Comic of the DayHave you ever read the Silmarillion? Let me guess, you got about 25 pages in then gave up. The world of Tolkien is very interesting and wondrous; however, the elaborate names of characters, places, and battles is so intense that the story is incredible hard to follow and boring.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis takes readers on a Silmarillion-like adventure in The New Avengers #5 by using a ton of sorcerer-speak and an intense amount of dialog. I am usually a big defender of Bendis's dialog, which is often criticized for being too elaborate or long winded; but, this time I cannot defend the New Avengers writer because the conversations about "what is happening" go on for far too long.

One thing I can't hammer Bendis on in the comic of the day, when it comes to his dialog, are the words he puts into the mouth of Spider-Man. Having the goof-off of the group jokingly uncover what is going on by saying "maybe this Agamotto dude just wants his eye back"was classic. The magical types look at each other and realize Spidey is on to something. That scene made me smile. Well, the scene and South Park's "Jersey Shore" episode on in the background.

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