Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Carnage #1 (of 5)

Carnage #1 - Comic of the DayCarnage is one of those characters that got too zany and crazy for his own good. Besides his origin in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #361-363 where we learn he had dramatic childhood and "Maximum Carnage" where we see him try to create a family he never really had (let alone one he could control), all of Carnage's stories became about killing just to kill. Brian Michael Bendis and Marvel finally understood they couldn't get anymore good stories out of the character, so they used him to show-off the power of the Sentry in the New Avengers first arc, "Breakout." Sentry takes Carnage up into space and rips him apart, effectively killing Carnage...or so we thought.

Carnage consisted of two parts. He was one part the human host Cletus Kasady (a serial killer) and one part the spawn of Eddie Brock's Venom alien symbiote. When Sentry ripped Carnage apart readers thought that was the end of the red killer (both man and alien), but Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain's new mini series Carnage bring the once fan favorite villain back into the spotlight.

For me, Crain's art alone brings credibility to a character lacking it. His at has a dark textured feel to it which sets the tone for the stories Crain helps tell. His art allows Wells to tell a story that immediately lets readers know that this story is serious and not some flashy tale of goofy destruction. Crain's work is very unique and acts as the perfect change of pace the Carnage character needs. The comic of the day is a very brief set-up of what will be happening in the mini-series, but because of Crain's art I enjoyed Carnage #1 thoroughly.

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