Monday, October 4, 2010

Beards of Our Forefathers

Beards of Our Forefathers - Comic of the DayHave you ever entered one of those contests or filled out one of those cartoon panels where the picture and dialog/thought balloons are already created, you just need to fill in the dialog/thought balloons with text? Marvel used to have pages you could fill-in what Spider-Man said during a battle with a villain like Doc Oct.; and even more recently, comics like Reed Gunther have website browsers fill-out actual Reed Gunther comic pages with their zaniest dialog for a chance to win free comic prizes.

Creating dialog to fit a scene is an art which many of us try, but few of us do well. One of those few happens to be David Malki. But unlike the other few (who will remain nameless because I don't actual know just sounds better when trying to say you think someone is creative), Malki creates dialog that runs contradictory to the scene making for some of the funniest comic strips ever captured in a book with the word "Beards" in the title.

Beards of Our Forefathers is a book capturing comic strips from, the site which Malki originally posts his offbeat humor. This specific comic of the day is more of a book, and not a traditional comic. It was given to me by my comic book shop pal Mike to borrow to see if I liked it. Well Mike, I do like it...that means you'll get your money, so call of the dogs (Mike has been sending hero-click nerds to my apartment all week to knock on my screen door. The screen door knock is so strange at an apartment. You can't actually tell if it's your screen being knocked on, and you don't want to check in case it's the door next to yours being knocked on. Then you are stuck in an awkward stare with some random dude...or chick...hey-o!). Anyway...did I mention the book was signed by Malki? Cuz it be!

Thanks Mike!


Anonymous said...

You are such a dork. Grow beard already!

Anonymous said...

I mean...Grow *A* Beard!