Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Avengers: Age of Heroes Poster

Avengers: Age of Heroes Poster - Comic of the Day




If you haven't noticed all of the Marko Djurdjevic comic book covers on Marvel comics these past months than you are truly a fish out of water. Many of Djurdjevic's covers are parts of a larger piece of art, a 9 foot 9 inch poster. I posted about his Spider-Man Origin of the Species poster which I picked up about a week ago, and now I am posting about his previous poster release, the Avengers: Age of Heroes poster.

This poster is also a mash-up, just like the Origin of the Species poster, but it includes more characters which may be familiar to casual fans (unlike the Spider-Man poster which only included Spidey-verse characters). The Avengers: Age of Heroes poster includes popular Marvel characters such as Wolverine, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Iron Fist, Loki and of course, Spider-Man.

When I purchased this comic of the day which isn't a comic I took it into work and hung it up on my boss's office window which looks out onto the rest of the office. He was out of the office, so some other workers and I thought it would be funny to wall up his window with posters. The 5 seconds of reaction to the posters before he tells me to take them down may not be worth the trouble of putting them up, but I don't care. His office window faces my work space, and I will enjoy the short time that I can have the Avengers: Age of Heroes and Spider-Man Origin of the Species posters in my line of site.

(Note: When my boss comes back I'm sure he won't mind if I put them up on the office walls. He's cool like that.)


Budd said...

That is a cool poster. where would someone be able to buy such a poster.

Dom said...

Hey Budd,

If you search "marko djurdjevic avengers poster" in Google you will find some places to buy it from online. I had my local comic shop order it for me, and then I bought it off of them. Follow the link below for one such site that sells the poster. Oh, and the poster is sweet. People at my work love it.