Thursday, October 7, 2010

American Vampire #7

American Vampire #7 - Comic of the DayFor readers who check in from time to time, you may notice American Vampire is becoming a regularly acknowledged comic. It should come as no surprise to readers who also have picked up Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque's take on evolved vampires in America why I have posted so many times on the Vertigo title. American Vampire is very well done.

Scott Snyder isn't looking to reinvent the vampire wheel, (which visually I see as either a wheel on a bike that needs to be inflated with blood every day or a game show wheel which i spun on "Who Wants to Kill a Vampire" - a show sort of like "American Gladiators" but with more vampires..."and you've spun ...Razor! Here's your stake. Good luck.") rather Snyder seems to be adding anew branch to the vampire mythology tree (which visually I see as...just kidding).

In American Vampire #7, Snyder does a nice job of developing his next story line further by adding some characters' histories and questions about who are new set of characters really are. But Snyder also closes out the comic of the day on a strong note, much like he did with American Vampire #6, by inserting a familiar vampire from past issues.

Albuquerque's work is again very good; however, I did feel a slight drop off in this issue when it came to face design. The older guys especially took the brunt of Albuquerque's line work with a ton of extra stress markings. The father of the comic's Las Vegas Chief of Police, Chief McCogan, has so many old man line on his face at one point he literally looks like a zombie. But what's one zombie in a book full of vampires? No biggie. The Albu-Quirky art is still keeping me looking forward to issue number 8.

(Note: Imagine the cover with the creator's names, Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque, plus the title, American Vampire, in the blank space at the top. They went all vampire-in-mirror in this image.)

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