Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man #644

The Amazing Spider-Man #644 - Comic of the DayThe art is not growing on me; however, the story is.

Spider-Man Sunday - The Amazing Spider-Man #644

The third part of "Origin of the Species" story line really does not progress the story very much. The comic of the day is pretty much filled with poorly drawn B-list villains attacking a poorly drawn Spider-Man holding a poorly drawn baby. That was a little harsh. Without going further into how the women are particularly ugly when penciled by Paul Azaceta, I'd rather just end on expressing that Azaceta may be more fit for a smaller press non costumed a detective or P.I piece.

Speaking of art, I ended up buying Marko Djurdjevic's "Origin of the Species" 9 foot-plus poster. The Amazing Spider-Man #644's cover has two of my favorite points on Djurdjevic's poster: the Lizard in his dark green scaly glory and Mr. Negative who has a very Michael Jackson blend of black and white...mostly white.

Back to the content of The Amazing Spider-Man #644, not much progresses in the story; however, I did particularly like the use of Rhino and the Chameleon. Rhino had just a brief appearance, but his scene brought-up recent Rhino story-line moments when Spider-Man pleads with him and uses emotional reasoning to fend Rhino off. This is something that would have never happened years ago, but now after some recent Rhino stories, the moment feels right.

The moment with the Chameleon is even more brief than Rhino's appearance but I enjoyed it purely because Chameleon is in it. The plethora of recent Spider-Man comics involving the Chameleon is nice to see considering he was the first Spider-Man villain to appear in The Amazing Spider-Man comic books. Using him as a more prominent character helps validate Stan Lee's use of the character for the very first The Amazing Spider-Man ever...and that's what Stan Lee has been needing all of these years: validation.

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