Monday, September 27, 2010

World War Hulks: Captain America Vs. Wolverine #2

World War Hulks: Captain America Vs. Wolverine #2 - Comic of the DayFollowing up on my last post, World War Hulks: Captain America Vs. Wolverine #2 comes off as the almost sleeper hit comic of the year! Okay that's not quite true; however, the comic of the day was actually kind of good.

The main story, which involves Wolverine and the Bucky Captain America fighting, flashes back to when Wolverine first met Bucky when he was the Winter Soldier. The story involves torture which Wolverine suffered while his old kid pal Bucky just watched and prepared to kill Wolverine. Of course the Winter Soldier was being manipulated and mentally controlled at the time, but some wounds, even with Wolverine, don't fully heal.

The past story was actually well done and good, but it kept getting interrupted by Hulk-like Cap and Wolvie battling. First of all, the completely furred Hulk-Beast Wolverine bugged me the whole time; and secondly, this story could have been done without the two being locked in Hulked-out battle. The Hulk stigma the book carries really brought down the appeal of the book, and, at times, the good story which is found on every other page when a flashback was paneled. If Cap and Wolverine got into a fight for another reason this book could have been better.

Better Reasons to Fight
  • "No, chocolate is better than Vanilla!"
  • "Oh, your metal arm isn't adamantium?"
  • "Colbert is better!" "No way! Stewart is better!"
  • "How small is the population of states like Rhode Island and Wyoming? They still get 2 senators?"

Now for the back-up story. The last several pages of the book followed the Thing and Human Torch in Hulk forms...fighting...obviously. It also flashed back to another situation where they got into a sibling-like fight providing the idea that the Thing and Torch will just always be fighting about something. The main thing I took away from this story is the fact that the Thing (or No-Thing as Ben Grimm calls himself in the issue) should just about be the strongest thing (no pun intended <--that's a lie) in the universe when he is Hulked-up. Grimm is already super strong beyond many characters in Marvel, with the help of gamma he has to be the strongest there is (besides possibly Thor which we'll talk about tomorrow). If the Hulk came from puny Bruce Banner, and No-Thing comes from powerful Thing, than no thing (count it) should be stronger than No-Thing!

Yet...some how the Human Torch is able to knock him out?

Like I said, "almost sleeper hit comic of the year."

Can you place something you just typed a few paragraphs ago in quotes? Oh well.

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