Sunday, September 26, 2010

World War Hulks: Captain America Vs. Wolverine #1

World War Hulks: Captain America Vs. Wolverine #1 - Comic of the DayMike Wellman: writer, creator, comic book shop owner and evil genius. As I perused the comic books along the wall at the Comic Bug, my local comic book shop, I noticed a group of four comic books from several weeks ago which had not sold out...yet. Next to the issues was a typed up document which let comic book browsers know that though first glances of these four comics may bring a regular to scoff, if they were but given a chance to grow in one's mind the reader may latch onto some bit of enjoyment from the books. Scoff! Yes, I scoffed still. But then the evil genius went to work on my impressionable young mind and said, "...discounted?"

I now own all four World War Hulk: Vs. issues.

World War Hulks: Captain America Vs. Wolverine #1 is the first of the four issues I flop open and read. Without reading the issues leading up to this story I quickly understand that Captain America and Wolverine are Hulked-out and down to battle. On some low level I enjoy the fighting. Pointless and filled with rage as the fighting may be, it is still entertaining.

Writer Paul Tobin works in a story from Wolverine's past which involves Captain America back when he was a Russian assassin known as the Winter Soldier. The story is supposed to give meaning to why Wolverine has rage enough to fight the Hulked-out Cap. I actually think the story is fine. It does help take attention away from the ridiculous story in which characters are Hulk-like randomly.

For me, the highlight in the comic of the day is the art. Jacopo Camagni's art has a simplistic look to it which in some panels has hints of Stuart Immonen. Three particular panels where Camagni draws Bucky back when he was the Original Captain America's side-kick, are absolutely beautiful. Those three panels in his portfolio alone could get him a gig on a major Marvel book.

The last part of World War Hulks: Captain America Vs. Wolverine #1 has another quick story about other characters such as the old Captain Marvel, the Thing, War Machine and Ms. Marvel whom are also Hulked-out. It's quick fun that has some snippets of past Nextwave (one of the greatest 12 issue runs ever) scenes which liven up the dialog light back-up story. Not bad.

I think the World War Hulks: Vs. comic books could have been better sellers if they came out at a different point in time...maybe another couple of years. I think readers are so burnt out on the Hulk comics right now that a couple of fun 2-shots that are Hulk related just seem like more fuel on the fire which burned-out over a year ago. The World War Hulks: Vs. comics mirror Bruce Banner's reason for being the Hulk: wrong place at the wrong time.

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