Sunday, September 12, 2010

Venom: Tooth and Claw #1

A 1996 mini series with a first issue cover featuring Venom and Wolverine has to be bad, right? The adventure inside was obviously thrown together just to cash in on two overly used and popular Marvel characters. I did not remember the mid 90's being about deep story telling, but I opened this issue up to give it a chance and not judge a book by it's...oh lord...this comic of the day is really bad.

Right off the rat...Eddie Brock is walking down a street when he is attacked by a shape shifting rat that eats Brock whole. The introduction alone made me hate this book. But if some random rat eating Venom in the first few pages wasn't stupid enough, this mini series starts to follow a plot from a previous Venom tale which is only referenced in editor's notes along the way: great story-telling technique.

I'm lost. Venom is out of the picture right away. Quick, bring Wolverine into the story so I can find my bearings! Ah yes, here he is...with his motorcycle in-doors on like the 10th floor of an apartment complex? It's cool. I can deal with motos in odd places. Just say something Wolverine-like so I can at least smile. Excuse me? Oh, I'm sorry Wolverine. I couldn't understood what you just said since every other word was just spelled incorrectly in that speech bubble you just spouted.

The horribly edited bubble reads:
"I don't know whose mug Dirt Map is wearin' fight now, but that big masty lump in the barf is mome other than a psycho-chicken name O' Venom!"
"Fight now" should be "right now", "masty" should be "nasty", "Dirt Map" should be "Dirt Nap" and "mome" is supposed to be "none." The "n" key must mot have beem workimg. Oh, and "O"? is Wolverine a pirate's bartender now? He is often serving cups o' grog and the verbiage just stuck with him? So many questions! Venom: Tooth and Claw #1 is so bad that I actually look forward to reading issue #2 tomorrow. Who bets I find more typos?

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