Thursday, September 2, 2010

Taskmaster #1 (2010)

Taskmaster #1 - Comic of the DayWhy does he wear such a goofy outfit and what is with the skull mask? Is it even a mask? I really do not know. And why I picked up the new Taskmaster #1.

Fortunately for me, due to some recent past events, which I am completely unaware of, the Taskmaster character (who apparently has a normal non-skull face) has lost his personal memory. When I say "personal" I mean to say he can not remember his past: how he came to be, his friends and family, what his job was...if he had a job, is he a good guy or a bad guy? These are things Taskmaster is looking to remember or find out.

Taskmaster #1 seems to imply that his 4 issue adventure is going to feature Task's search for his history. The comic of the day also, briefly, catches readers up on his skills. He has the ability to mimic anyone's (who he has personally seen before) movements and non-superpower related abilities. There is a nice visual representation of this ability put on display when panels of Task are spliced with panels of the character's moves he is mimicking and using to his advantage. Spider-Man, Hawkeye and others are forever instilled into his subconscious, meaning that even if he has lost old personal memories he still has the ability to maintain his photographic reflexes.

Bottom line when it comes to Taskmaster #1, this issue is awesome. A large reason for that is the fun and slightly dark art by penciler Jefte Palo and color artist Jean-Francois Beaulieu (with a name that long I may never mention this colorist again). The art is playful at times and intense in certain well timed spots such as when Taskmaster final suits up to fight hired groups of no-names mercenaries. The coloring is soft and muted with a limited pallet. The only stand out coloring is done through the lettering...mostly screams of pain.

I didn't know much about Taskmaster going into this issue, but now I know enough to look forward to the next installment of Taskmaster.

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