Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Secret Avengers #5

Secret Avengers #5 - Comic of the DayGo with what works. That's exactly what Marvel did when combining the efforts of writer Ed Brubaker with artist David Aja, once again.

The two talents, Brubaker and Aja, worked together on the critically acclaimed Marvel comic, The Immortal Iron Fist from 2006 to 2008. Aja was just breaking into the mainstream field when he started working on Iron Fist and by 2008 the comic book community was taking notice. Aja won the Eagle Award (award voted on by UK comic fans) for "Favorite Newcomer Artist" in 2008, the same year Matt Fraction (who co-wrote The Immortal Iron Fist with Brubaker) won an Eagle Award for "Favorite Newcomer Writer."

It seems like the only thing better than putting Aja and Brubaker together would be to throw Fraction into the mix, as well. Unfortunately, Fraction is busy on many other titles; but fortunately, Aja and Brubaker seemed to have captured the story telling ability they were praised for several years ago.

Secret Avengers #5 stares the Secret Avenger title away from a fantastical team story involving battles on Mars, and drives it towards personal non-powered character stories about a mysterious past of someone we didn't think existed...sort of. Nick Fury becomes the focus of Steve Rogers after his apparent involvement with the Secret Avengers most recent mission. When Rogers goes to the source, Fury himself, for some answers Fury speaks of a second Fury...just as clever, but not as real.

The gritty art ads to the story of the second Fury's mysterious origin and past. Fury takes on the feel of a street level character in Aja's art giving the reader the idea that Fury 2 is just a simple man, when in fact he isn't exactly a man...or is he.

The comic of the day is very different from the first 4 Secret Avengers issues, so if you were not that into the first arc do not be afraid to pick up Secret Avengers #5. If you liked the early Immortal Iron Fist issues, you'll like this one, as well.

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