Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scarlet #2

Scarlet #2 - Comic of the DayI used to read all of the new comic books I would buy on Wednesdays as soon as I got home from work, or even at work when the slow day would call for it, but for what ever reason I have started to allow myself time to soak in the individual new comic books. I'm not saying that I'll hold onto a comic book for several weeks...it's more like up to 6 days. It also happens to be the books that are less flashy and more real-world that I end up saving to read. I knock some of my favorite titles like the New Avengers and Thunderbolts out right away, and then eventually get to some of my more content rich books such as Stumptown, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Scarlet.

Scarlet #2 took me about 6 days to get to. I liked the tone of the first story which Brian Michael Bendis set in motion and I am a huge fan of Alex Maleev's art, so this was definitely an issue I was looking forward to reading. After waiting 6 days to polish off my collection of 9/1 comics I came to the conclusion that I should go back to reading all of my comic books right away.

The comic of the day is a nice example of how an established writer can change up his comic book presentation effectively. In the last issue of Scarlet, readers are treated to a new style of Bendis narration in which the title lead, Scarlet, speaks to the reader: telling her story. In Scarlet #2, we view panels where the narration is still being spoken to us as if we are over her shoulder, but Scarlet also plays back what happens in her story and speaks to us as if we were there when it happened. So as she is about to off a cop, Scarlet tells readers what's on her mind and frames the situation for us. It makes for a different style than I have seen Bendis use before and helps deliver his story in a new tone.

I would suggest readers who claim to be sick of Bendis, yet still pick up all of his books weekly, pick up the first two issues of Scarlet and then read them immediately. Do not wait 6 days and miss-out any longer.

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