Friday, September 24, 2010

Nemesis #3

Nemesis #3 - Comic of the DayThank the gods the world doesn't actually look like the one Steve McNiven draws in the comic of the day, Nemesis #3.

Before I get into just what exactly I am talking about above, I should preface it by saying Steve McNiven is one of my favorite artists. Sure he is currently in my "365 Days of Comics Top Artists" list, but that's mostly because he doesn't put out a lot of books or art for me to marvel over. His work on Civil War left me going to the Marvel website for years considering buying a framed print of a couple of his covers, and his Old Man Logan run was so strong I gladly bought all of the individual issues and the hard cover edition which was later released. Bottom line...if McNiven was on the McValue menu he would be the chocolate dipped frosty-cone. ($1 for the cone with that chocolate sauce that hardens onto it after like 20's amazing. If you happen by McDonald's at 1:30 in he morning you may see me double-fisting it with a couple o' cones.)

What was this post about? Oh yeah! The way Steve McNiven draws peoples faces close up is creepy. His proportions seem correct and the faces almost look real except for the pink rings around the eyes. He often draws that underneath part of a person's eyelid, that some times rolls over a bit, so it can be slightly visible. McNiven over exaggerates this part way to often leaving characters with pink rimmed eyeballs. The face seems a little zombie-like at times. That pink part is definitely there, and I do like the attention McNiven is given to this not often touted about part of the eye that seems to always grab a hold of my escaping eye-lashes and cause me great irritation; but, I don't need to see it accentuated, so often, in all of his close ups.

If McNiven was a commander at Bunker Hill he may have said, "Don't fire until you see the pinks of their eye!"

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Budd said...

speaking of McNiven. I just read the first trade of Civil War that he worked on. I like his work too.